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Do you want to understand your beliefs?


What is a belief?

Imagine for a moment that you have an unconscious belief tape, and when it plays in your head it acts like a 'theme tune' to your life. This belief tape takes control of your life, it drives all your actions and thoughts. 

When you have activated one of these 'belief tapes' (children a tape is like an mp3 but with tape) you can’t deviate from it, unless you can become conscious of it playing in the background. If you do become conscious of it you then have the opportunity to start a new tape or download (if you prefer)

This requires you to choose a new positive thought, and practice it until it becomes a new belief.

Practicing a new thought takes trust, time, and consistent repetition, until you stop resisting believing it. You need to form a new habit of thought, but once you do you have a new positive 'belief tape' running. A new theme tune to live by.

What sort of limiting negative beliefs might you have playing?

  • I am not good enough
  • No matter what I...
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