Do you want to understand your beliefs?


What is a belief?

Imagine for a moment that you have an unconscious belief tape, and when it plays in your head it acts like a 'theme tune' to your life. This belief tape takes control of your life, it drives all your actions and thoughts. 

When you have activated one of these 'belief tapes' (children a tape is like an mp3 but with tape) you can’t deviate from it, unless you can become conscious of it playing in the background. If you do become conscious of it you then have the opportunity to start a new tape or download (if you prefer)

This requires you to choose a new positive thought, and practice it until it becomes a new belief.

Practicing a new thought takes trust, time, and consistent repetition, until you stop resisting believing it. You need to form a new habit of thought, but once you do you have a new positive 'belief tape' running. A new theme tune to live by.

What sort of limiting negative beliefs might you have playing?

  • I am not good enough
  • No matter what I do it’s never enough
  • I am an awful communicator
  • People are always out to get me
  • My body isn’t right
  • Life is pointless
  • Every driver on the road is ignorant
  • It’s too late for me to start something new
  • My body isn’t fit enough to do what I want
  • I can’t give up smoking

Honestly this list could go on a bit, but you get the idea right?!

Pick one limiting negative belief this week (honestly one is enough) and write it down. Notice how it keeps playing out in your life, you will keep finding evidence of it in your physical life in some way or another. 

Now decide to change this belief. It may feel a little impossible at first, but that doesn’t matter. It will feel odd and potentially impossible to start with. Choose your initial positive thought that you would rather believe (hint – this is usually the complete opposite of the original negative belief)

Now practice it…

Look for books on your books shelves or search Youtube for teachers that are talking about how your, “Thoughts become things”. Then take a little time each day and focus on changing that one ‘limiting negative belief’ you have.

If you only identify and change one limiting negative belief this month you have affected the whole of your life in a profound way. Put a date in the diary and in one month’s time notice if anything has happened.

What have you noticed? (a month later)  

  • Have you been practicing?
  • Did you give up and stop believing it was possible?
  • Did you change your belief?
  • Has your life changed around you?
  • Are you looking at some things differently?
  • Have you applied any knowledge that you learnt from other sources?

If you can change one belief at a time you will keep turning your boat downstream, and allow yourself to go with the flow. This will make life much easier and far more fulfilling.


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