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Do you want to resist your growth?

achievement success Mar 07, 2018

How does resistance affect your growth?

There is a phrase that says, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.

Resistance is your ability to slow down or halt your progress in some form or another.  

So many times in my career I have lead someone to the solution, only to have them resist it.  In fact in my field of work this is fairly common place. A fair amount of my energy is given to supporting people to stop resisting and ‘go with the flow’. Once they let go and stop resisting things start to happen.

People resist because they are attempting to slow down or stop whatever process they are in. This means  that an individual’s ability to resist change, allows them to feel in control. The truth, resisting the natural flow just slows down the growth process and therefore you slow down achieving what you wish to achieve.

 What do people resist?

  • Taking action
  • Knowing the truth
  • Love
  • New learning
  • Help
  • Wanting...
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