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Are you motivated by pain or gain?

motivation moving forward Mar 07, 2018

Are you motivated away from pain, or towards gain?

Some of us in our life may well find ourselves in a mental, emotional and physical pit at times (I know I have) and although we may be happy with some aspects of our life, it can still feel like it is overshadowed by the things we don’t want.

Our focus is key…

Moving away from our discomfort while still focusing upon it will only ever lead us backwards, even if it looks like we are temporarily moving forward. If we only focus on what we don’t want (our old situation) we will give too much attention to it.

What we give our attention to is the direction we head towards, whether we want to or not.

If we want to keep expanding or growing we must make sure that moving towards something becomes our priority and focus. Even if that focus is something we want 'today' within ourselves like,  'I want to feel confident in the now' or 'I want to know myself better'. 

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