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Developing You is really all about you, but I wanted to tell you a little bit about why I created it for you. 

"Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away", I found myself lying in the bath with another personal development book in my hand. As always when I life felt overwhelming I found myself reaching for the words of someone else. Someone I hoped had the answer to my current madness. 

Reading the words of a personal development teacher whose life echoed my own, brought me comfort. When I held the book in my hand, it was as if they were with me and I didn't feel alone.  The only problem I had was when I got out of the bath and put the book down, life was still there to greet me. Let's face it you can't be in the bath all day, even though you may want to.

The self development path can be lonely one at first, because even though we may have woken-up to our potential, the world around us may still be asleep. 

Years later as I look back at that moment and realise why I have done the work I have, and why I want to share what I have learnt with you.

It is important to me that you now have my voice to support you, and a consistent practice that will help you in every aspect of your life.

What are my credentials?

When you are thinking about working with anyone you want to know if they have the knowledge, experience and skills to help you. 


I have spent 30 years researching and applying the information I have learnt. Initially I worked on myself and then I worked with others, of all ages.

Life experience:

I was born with a dislocated hip and was in and out of hospital as a child. I struggled at school with bullying and dyslexia. I felt like a failure and was constantly beating myself up.

I have been married, divorced, in relationships and been a single parent. I have two adult daughters, who I am proud to call my friends. I have nursed a partner with terminal cancer, while raising my children. I have had my brother die on my birthday, a month later my friend died and within the year I buried my partner.

I have a background in performance, have taught art and drama, and supported students at University. I have waited on tables, worked in shops, painted houses,  coached, mentored and taught individuals of all ages, and more.

I have worked with people who have labels like dyslexia, dyspraxia, OCD, PTSD, autism, and Aspergers (The labels don't matter) I've also worked with people who don't have labels, and are just struggling to achieve something in life. People who feel depressed, hopeless or just overwhelmed. 

I have been kicked in the face by a big horse (yes my face) I've cried over unrequited love (while eating ice cream and drinking wine) I've developed tinnitus, and nearly lost my house due to money issues.

This is to name but a few challenges... 

I am not telling you all this for you to feel for me, I am telling you all this (and know this is the tip of the iceberg) that I have seen and dealt with most things in my life. I am in my 50s after all :-) 

The point is life happens to us all and stress is part of life. What we need to know is how to deal with our stress so we can look after our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. When we are in the best state possible we can then achieve whatever we want in life. 

I have condensed everything I have learnt and created the programmes you will find here. What works is simple, but that doesn't always mean it is easy, it does however mean it's possible. Practice makes perfect!

And when you join the membership group I will be there for you, maybe not always in the bath, but whenever and wherever you plug in your headphones and listen. 

See you soon

Sarah x





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