How can setting an intention once a month and practicing daily change your life?

In order to achieve whatever you want in life you have to become the person who can make that happen. You have to take back control of what you think in order to become emotionally and mentally resilient. Only then can you achieve more than you are experiencing right now.


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No matter what you want to achieve in life, you are going to have to be at your best to achieve it. Personal development is not about fixing something that is broken; it is about being mentally, emotionally and physically fit, on a daily basis. Let me teach you the system and give you the handbook. Then let me and the family support you to make it a habit. Your first step is to buy the system and handbook, then come and join the family today...

Developing You - The System, process and handbook plus a monthly subscription to the community


A one off payment for the first month, plus £15 subscription each month there after.

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Click on the video and take a look at the resources available to you if you buy it today. This is the system I have taught all my private clients. When you have the system don't stop there, come and join the membership to master all you learn. See you inside.


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Have a look at a few testimonials

I have worked with individuals of all ages, with very different backgrounds. The one thing that links them all is their desire to be the on in control of their mental, and emotional wellbeing, so they can achieve what they want.

Mia's testimonial

This is my youngest daughter Mia. She wanted to share with you some of her experience of how the practice works in her life. She is in her twenties and currently studying at University.


Pete's testimonial

Pete is 65 years of age and has used the practice in the past but after a traumatic accident with his knee and complications due to the operation he was left unable to work. Work was very much part of his identity. He became aware that he was experiencing suicidal feelings, which he had experienced in his past. Listen to what has happened in just one month after we set an intention and he started practicing again.


Tanya's testimonial

Tanya is 55 years of age and is currently working in Australia before returning to the UK. I coached Tanya in the early days as she was struggling to let go and move on. I recognised she had a great deal of resistance that was stopping her letting go, so I committed to working with her for a year initially. Now Tanya uses what she has learnt to support herself, and only asks for my help if she feels she really needs it.


Rocky's testimonial

Rocky is England's most capped rugby player and World Champion. She came to me at a particularly difficult time in her life, but I am pleased to say she is a 'Rockstar' and has taken back control of her mental and emotional wellbeing. She is currently taking life to the next level.


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