Group 12 Week program - Creating Mental and Emotional Resilience

Mental Wellbeing is a very hot topic at the moment but people are still attempting to work out the best way of addressing it. Too often the people struggling do not come forward because of the stigma of feeling like they are failing in some way. It is time to recognise that we all need to take care of our wellbeing and become mentally, emotionally and physically strong. We need to refocus - It is time to see mental wellbeing like physical health. If we want to be physically strong we train to be the best we can. If we want to get the best result in our lives we have to train to be mentally and emotionally fit.

It's that simple.

The question is who is going to teach us? 

During this program I focus on creating mental and emotional strength and resilience in the individual. Each person then becomes responsible for their state, rather than relying on others and feeling like a victim. Once people put themselves at the heart of their growth things change quickly. People no-longer require micromanagement (which never works anyway) as they recognise within themselves what they need to do and have the confidence to take action. Creating individuals who are strong and resilient enables you to develop supportive and productive teams. You can then focus on managing the systems and process rather than exhausting yourself because you are having to over manage the people. 

If you have a group of people you feel would benefit from a 12 week program with input from me as their teacher and mentor then this is the program for you and your team.

If you would like to find out what is possible call me today on 07508 303834 and lets talk. 




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