How can setting an intention once a month and practicing daily change your life?

In order to achieve whatever you want in life you have to become the person who can make that happen. You have to take back control of what you think in order to become emotionally and mentally resilient. Only then can you achieve more than you are experiencing right now.


What is the best way for you to get started?

Here are 3 ways that you can currently learn the practice

Transforming You - 12 week online course


One off payment and have the course for life

This is all the information you will need to take back complete control of your personal growth. 

Includes videos, audios and pdfs to support your learning

This is a 12 week course and you will be given all the information straight away, and then you just work through it week by week. 

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Now You community


Monthly membership of £50 and full access

What would it feel like to have a system that offer you consistent support in your growth. 


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Your sleep routine and daily practice


Monthly membership for only £15

What would it be like if you could just stop over thinking, surrender to a good nights sleep and wake up ready for your day?

What would it be like if you felt calm and in control of your mental and emotional state?

How good would you feel if you had the energy to exercise and then took the time to rest afterwards?

How much better would your relationships be, if you were happy and content more of the time?

How productive would you be at work if you had given yourself the time to rest?

How much easier would it be to study, if you felt clear and ready?

What would life look like if you took the time to care for your wellbeing first?

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Take a look inside the 12 week online course

Click on the video and take a look inside the online course.


Buy the course today that will change your life for just £450


1:1 Coaching is available

If you are someone who needs more support over a shorter period of time, 1:1 coaching may be what you need.

Mia's testimonial

This is my youngest daughter Mia. She wanted to share with you some of her experience of how the practice works in her life. She is in her twenties and currently studying at University.


Pete's testimonial

Pete is 65 years of age and has used the practice in the past but after a traumatic accident with his knee and complications due to the operation he was left unable to work. Work was very much part of his identity. He became aware that he was experiencing suicidal feelings, which he had experienced in his past. Listen to what has happened in just one month after we set an intention and he started practicing again.


Louisa's testimonial

Louisa is 42 years of age and is married with one beautiful daughter and a baby on the way. I first met Louisa 10 years ago and I can honestly say she has completely transformed her life. During that time I created the practice I now teach, and Louisa was one of the first pupils to ever use it. She now does the work for herself and shares it with her family.


Izzy's testimonial

Izzy is 8 years of age and came to me because her mother wanted help with her anger. I used exactly the same method and practice with Izzy using age appropriate language. During our work together Izzy brought up that she wanted to be better at reading and writing. A lot of Izzy's frustration was around being able to communicate, which we dealt with. Izzy is now feels she is in control of her learning and what she wants to achieve. You are never to young or old to apply this to your life. Izzy and her parents now work together on setting intentions.


Tanya's testimonial

Tanya is 55 years of age and is currently working in Australia before returning to the UK. I coached Tanya in the early days as she was struggling to let go and move on. I recognised she had a great deal of resistance that was stopping her letting go, so I committed to working with her for a year initially. Now Tanya uses what she has learnt to support herself, and only asks for my help if she feels she really needs it.


Rocky's testimonial

Rocky is England's most capped rugby player and World Champion. She came to me at a particularly difficult time in her life, but I am pleased to say she is a 'Rockstar' and has taken back control of her mental and emotional wellbeing. She is currently taking life to the next level.


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